Thank you for your interest in my longarm quilting service.

If you are looking for a longarm service to finish your quilt with an “edge to edge” pattern, contact me. I have been in the industry for twenty-one years and gladly guide you thru the process to get your quilt finished. I can also provide your batting at a competive price.

My quilting machine is a Gammill that is equipped with an Intelli-quilter computer.

You choose a pattern from my book that suits your preference and I program the density to be complementary to your quilt. I use Aurifil cotton longarm thread and natural fiber battings from the Quilters Dream Batting company. Please email or call to set an appointment.

Another question that frequently comes up is… how long does it take before I get my quilt back? I quilt the quilts on first come first serve, so it depends on how many quilts are in line before you. I suggest you call in advance if you are expecting to have a quilt for a special occasion. It usually takes three to four weeks to get your quilt back.

How to prepare your quilt to be longarm quilted:

Your quilt top and backing should be pressed and lay flat. Your back needs to be trimmed straight and be a minimum of 8” larger than your quilt top. I charge .02 per square inch for labor, plus cost of thread and batting. I will be happy to explain any of this in greater detail when you call and help figure the exact costs.

Better Than Hand Quilting

Unlike traditional quilting, sewing using a longarm machine can take significantly less time. This time-saving benefit is a large factor in the popularity of this unconventional quilting process.

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Reach Out to Us

The Quiltery is open to any questions about the importance of longarm quilting. If you wish to learn more, get in touch with our courteous staff today.